A Mind Set For Entertaining


en·ter·tain·ing — en(t)ərˈtāniNG/

adjective: provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment.

For some, the thought of entertaining can be intimidating. For others, their ready to throw open their doors and have people over, but might hesitate because “entertaining” might sound expensive. Some might worry about what they will cook, because they never learned how to cook or their skills aren’t strong in the kitchen, while others might worry about starting conversation. Others might worry about the planning and execution of a pary. Shyness and the fear of doing or saying the wrong thing might hold you back. Maybe you’re worried about whether people will come, or maybe you’re worried about whether you’ll “do it right.”

…Being in the moment with the ones you love is far more important than stressing out over the details of food or entertainment.               — Giselle

The fact is… you shouldn’t worry about anything.  You should look forward to having fun, communicating with your guests in a way you feel comfortable, enjoying time with each other, and making memories that will last a life time. These moments are for creating everlasting friendships, strengthening family ties, meeting new neighbors, learning about each other. Food is just icing on the cake… you can enjoy the moment whether you cooked, had a pot luck, ordered pizza, or carry out. Being in the moment with the ones you love is far more important than stressing out over the details of food or entertainment.


I want to start a series that will teach you how to stock your cabinets and pantry with appropriate and inexpensive items that will enable you to entertain at any given moment. Whether you open your home for a casual meal, a football game, a cookout, a formal dinner, a Superbowl celebration, a bridal or baby shower, or a holiday family meal, the cost of purchasing disposable plates, cups, forks, spoons and knives should not be something you worry about for your special celebration. Neither should be what you serve, how you plan for the event, or even how you break the ice in a room full of guests.

I want you to learn the easy way to plan, execute and finally, focus on the fun part of entertaining, so that when you’re ready to start inviting your friends and family over for memorable luncheons and dinners, you’ll have the confidence in your self and in your abilities. Whatever the occasion is, your doors will always be open. You’ll be able to welcome someone into your home and “provide amusement or enjoyment” without stress or worry, and everyone will appreciate the time spent together! And that’s… According to Giselle!





About According to Giselle

Hi, I'm Giselle. I'm just a simple woman with simple desires, many talents, and a wish to share my ideas with you. In my home, I find that food is a way that everyone connects with each other, begins to find comfort and opens up, expresses themselves, finds joy. New and old friends, family ... each person slowly opens up to each other and begins to connect around food, fellowship, and laughter. I hope that along the way, we can connect and become friends as well. I invite you to join me on this journey of laughter, joy, sadness, food, entertainment, and so much more! And its all... According to Giselle.

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