Welcome to According to Giselle


Welcome to my “new” blog: According to Giselle. I must confess, I have mixed emotions about blogging again. I say new, but truth be told, I’m a seasoned blogger. I began blogging back in 2004 to track our journey of infertility at Infertile Meanderings. Once our son was born, I began a new blog called Kisses of Sunshine, and I blogged there as GiBee (pronounced: Gee-Bee) for many many years, until I felt I lost my “writing voice.” I loved blogging, so believe me when I say – it takes falling into a very low place to loose your writing voice.

Health issues, depression, loss of a job … no one thing could be held responsible for sending me into such a dark place that I would feel like I lost my will to write, but I feel like I’ve finally returned to a place where I can once again share my life with a wide open audience. In fact, I have been with FaceBook, but that is a very guarded circle of friends, and a blog is a very public platform that brings a huge sense of anxiety to me, because the whole world blogs, meaning anyone and their distant relative can read my blog (and all my personal details). Now, THAT is frightening! Especially when all the names I could think of for a blog were taken, so I had to use my real name. That right there is SCARY!

But when its all said and done, I’m ready to share my life with the world (and family and old friends) again; ready to make new friends in the blogging world; ready to share new things I’ve learned as a mom of a BOY (I can’t believe it!); ready to share things I’m learning as I crawl towards the age of 50 (OH MY GOSH!); and ready to share things I’ve learned about being a wife, my life, my family, my talents and hobbies, and my Lord and Savior.

So please, won’t you come on this journey with me? And while the views on this blog won’t always be right, it will always be… “According to Giselle!”


About According to Giselle

Hi, I'm Giselle. I'm just a simple woman with simple desires, many talents, and a wish to share my ideas with you. In my home, I find that food is a way that everyone connects with each other, begins to find comfort and opens up, expresses themselves, finds joy. New and old friends, family ... each person slowly opens up to each other and begins to connect around food, fellowship, and laughter. I hope that along the way, we can connect and become friends as well. I invite you to join me on this journey of laughter, joy, sadness, food, entertainment, and so much more! And its all... According to Giselle.

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